Friday, June 2, 2017

How Washington undermines its own efforts to fight child exploitation

 Washington State recently enacted a law to help people rebuild their lives after they escape slavery, which once again placed it at the head of the class, when compared with other states.  This record dates back to 2003, when Washington State led the nation in passing anti-trafficking laws.  It is among a few states that receive a high rating from a national anti-trafficking organization because of its strong record.

So it's pretty ironic that Washington State, especially Gov. Jay Inslee, is strongly supportive of Planned Parenthood.  Check out this video which demonstrates how this multi-million dollar organization aids child sex traffickers.

Next, view these videos showing Planned Parenthood workers offering advice to investigative reporters posing as a pimp and prostitute who say they "manage" 14- and 15-year-old girls, including some imported to the country to be used in the sex industry.

In one video, a New Jersey Planned Parenthood worker gave advice on how to get abortions, birth control, and std testing for the pimp's child sex slaves, without having to halt their earning potential.  She suggested that young girls who have just had an abortion can do "waist up" until they get past the minimum two week recovery period.

Yet another Planned Parenthood worker, in Roanoke, VA, advised the "pimp" that girls as young as 12 can get std treatment and birth control without a parent's knowledge; and also shared how to get free health coverage through the government.

The investigators get similar information from several clinics.  They are told that Planned Parenthood offers "no judgment" about the age or immigration status of the kids brought in for care.  One seemed to suggest that it is common to see girls brought in illegally for these purposes.

When it comes to Planned Parenthood and sex trafficking, actions speak louder than press releases.

Washington State's budget includes about $50 million in state and federal tax dollars for Planned Parenthood.  As a taxpayer, I'd rather see my money go to programs to help people--especially young children--who are being coerced and sold for sex, than to an organization that makes it easier for them to be used and exploited.