Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whatcom County Executive race: Ericksen is the Real Choice

I'd like to think I'm not a one-issue voter, yet some things just raise red flags for me.

Maybe some of my more liberal-leaning friends won't think this is a bad thing, but my conservative, pro-life friends should take note of this development in the Whatcom County Executive's race.  

Read more in this copy of  a letter to the editor I've just submitted:

Up until last week, I thought conservative voters had two good choices in the Whatcom County Executive race.  But after one of them warmly accepted the endorsement of a liberal/progressive candidate last week, it's clear there is only one choice:  I'll vote for Doug Ericksen.

Candidate Jack Louws received lots of votes from conservative-leaning Lynden in the primary.  But now he's happily accepted the endorsement of David Stalheim.

Stalheim's website says he was endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Progressive Majority, Sierra Club, and other like-minded groups.  I wonder if that changes things for folks up here?

Electing Doug as County Executive is a win-win for conservatives, overall.   He has the experience, capability, and values that will most benefit Whatcom County.  And as a bonus, his State Senate seat will be filled by someone nominated by the local Republican Party and appointed by the Whatcom County Council.  

This means the 42nd District will continue to benefit from having three conservatives serving in Olympia, while having a conservative in the County Executive's office for the first time in years.

I'm thankful the choice is clear, now.  Doug Ericksen has my vote.