Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Newt the best we have? Really?

Granted, my track record after the last election is less than exciting.  In fact, I almost hesitate to post this, lest it guarantee Newt Gingrich's installment as our only alternative to Obama in November 2012.

But I am so tired of people claiming Newt is our best hope for the coming election.  This is a man whose mere name will rile up independents and even former Dems (like myself) and cause them to run screaming away from the polling booth.  They can't stand to imagine looking at That Face and listening to That Voice coming from That Person who will be making Those Policies and Those Excuses for the next four years.

Please.  I've been prepared to vote for "anyone except Obama," but this is asking too much.

I'll let Ann Coulter explain it to you, as only she can.