Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My war on the war on women

Be a slut!  That's the new strategy of some Democratic activists, who aim to make the offensive term cute and trendy.  I can hardly wait for the t-shirt.

From ABC News' website:  'Sluts' Unite Against Republicans, Rush Limbaugh
Watch out Republicans, here come the sluts.
Women’s rights activists are banding together to “Rock the Slut Vote” in an online effort to register women to vote and cast their ballots against Republicans in 2012.

Isn't that just the cutest thing?  Go on, girls.  Register as a slut!  Just think of the respect you will command as a result!

Remember, this is going on while the media continually circulates and recirculates the mythological Republican "war on women" propaganda (a lot of which originates from the same place).

They've even made their own Facebook Page, and there are many more similar sites out there.  Conveniently, they all sport eerily similar text, so as not to confuse their female audience, I guess.   Hmmm.

Looks like somebody's got a war on women going... and it's not Conservatives.

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