Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Savvy

I call this blog "The Savvy Citizen" because I want you to be savvy about your power as a citizen, even as I make the journey myself.  "Savvy" means to show understanding, and to be wise about practical matters. And the first thing I want you to be savvy about is this: 

You are a person of influence, and you can make a difference.

"Influence? Me?"

Yeah, you.   Maybe you think reporters, elected officials, corporations, and big-name commentators have lots of influence. You're right! But you have face-to-face connections that they don't: people who know and trust you. Your influence can influence others to use their influence.

Everything you need to become a mover and a shaker is at your fingertips.   

Here's how savvy citizens use their influence, one step at a time:
  1. Care about something.
  2. Do a little learning.
  3. Find your friends.
  4. Share what you learn.
  5. Keep it real.
I'm going to walk you through these steps, focusing on what our State government is doing right now.  So choose one issue for now.  Just one.  Start slowly, if you're new to this savvy citizen thing.  Otherwise you'll burn out. 

There are so many things the State Legislature might touch on, including some of my top issues: adoption, education, homeschooling, open government, ethics, the budget, and voter integrity. I can't cover them all, so I'll have to focus. 

What are your pet issues?  What's your number one? 

In the next post I'll share resources that will help you learn more about your top choice, as we cover Step Two.

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