Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Idiots with Nice Wardrobes

In response to one of my blog posts, a friend wrote, "I like that YOU went right to THE source in this case. On another related note, did you see that there are still some idiots in the STATE legislature that are STILL advocating new programs with the commensurate addition in spending?"  (Thanks, Martin!)

Yes, I did see what "the idiots" are doing.  It reminds me of one of my college roommates, actually.  She opened her first checking account, then used all her checks without money in the bank to cover them.  In her excitement over the "freedom" to buy things, she lost sight of common sense.  The experience gave her a terrific wardrobe, and a load of bank penalties and debt. 

Doesn't that sort of sound like our state and federal governments?  They've bought really cool wardrobes, but there's no cash to back it up, no priorities that make sense.  (Anyone else bothered by stamped concrete highway art while we're cutting basic services?)

Both Washingtons make promises they can't keep.   We're overextended.  We've added massive liabilities (see the Washington Policy Center's Total Debt Scorecard).

Savvy citizens need to tell the government to stop being idiots with our money.

It's time to cut, tighten our belts, and then cut again. Let's make a fuss about this.  Tell your state and federal elected officials you will follow their votes.  You're going to hold them accountable.  Vote out people who don't listen.

Do this, or instead of having a nice wardrobe yourself, you'll be paying for someone else's mighty fine gear. 

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