Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Give up the Bad Boyfriend"-- abortion supporters need to wise up

Another abortionist has been "outed." Former staffers of a Texas clinic are sharing shocking tales of a doctor who allegedly killed many babies after they survived abortions.  Texas' lieutenant governor is calling for an investigation; you can read about it by clicking here. 

I wonder how many of these gruesome stories need to break before pro-choice folks wise up?  What more proof do they need that something is wrong?  It's obvious that allowing the abortion industry to regulate itself is not working.

Sadly, though, it's like dealing with a friend who's dating someone with serious faults, and they just don't want to face the truth.   "He didn't mean it."   "Maybe he'll change..."   "But he said he's sorry this time..."

It's time to ditch the "bad boyfriend" and move forward.  A person can still be pro-choice, and be pro-regulation.  Pro-choice folks need to move toward the center, toward reason, toward safety for the women at least.  The truth is so obvious!

Yet the level of denial is high.  You see this especially among the biggest abortion pushers.

For example, just hours after Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell was sentenced this week to life in prison, Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) released statements that were embarrassingly stupid, in terms what they either said, or didn't say:
  • Planned Parenthood posted soberly that no woman would ever be victimized by Gosnell again. This was referring to the manslaughter charge for which he received 2-1/2 years.  But no mention was made of the three murder convictions, each carrying a life sentence, supposedly since they were just babies intended for slaughter anyway.  
  • The National Abortion Rights Action League tried to blame pro-life advocates for the gruesome Kermit Gosnell abortion factory and its victims, in one of the most dizzyingly silly spins in history.  How about focusing on the fact that the clinic--and probably many others like it --were purposefully NOT inspected for 15 years because pro-abortion folks (like NARAL) didn't want to bring any attention to dirty little secrets that might harm their cause?
No medical procedure is so sacred that it should escape scrutiny.  This is especially true for a procedure that takes a life, and has the potential to permanently maim another.  Reasonable inspections and regulations seem to be the least we could do.

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