Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The more we learn about abortion...

For years I voted for pro-choice causes and people because I believed it was the compassionate thing to do.  But if you keep your eyes and your mind open, and look at the facts, it becomes harder to ignore the stark fact that a child dies whenever an abortion is performed.  You can call it a fetus, an embryo, tissue, contents of the uterus, or a mass of cells; you can say the pregnancy is being terminated, surgically removed, aborted, a mere choice is being made, a reproductive right exercised; but all the sanitizing, ennobling, distancing terms in the world don't change the facts.

Click here to view a factual presentation of the abortion procedure, provided by a former abortionist.

Emotionalism used to be the domain of the pro-life movement--or at least, that is how things were portrayed by their opponents.  People on the pro-abortion side (often preferring to use the term pro-choice, because it sounds less icky) were supposedly the rationalists, rejecting any emotional ties or recognition of the pre-born, because, well, science.  Right?  So it's interesting to me that as science has advanced, and we know more about what is going on inside the womb, the pro-life side falls squarely on the side of rationalism, and of science, while the pro-abortion side is becoming increasingly delusional in its defense of the indefensible.

If you are a pro-abortion or pro-choice person, I challenge you to watch these videos featuring doctors who performed many abortions.   These are scientists.  They are not relying on scare tactics or made up stories to bolster the pro-life cause.  They are sharing facts, first-hand information, and they've seen abortion for what it is.

Former Abortionist Dr. Kathi Aultman Testifies Before Congress, 2017

An Interview With Former Abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino: What Changed His Mind

Dr. Noreen Johnson talks about the impact of abortions on the doctors performing them

Dr. Haywood Robinson speaks of his experience performing abortions

And on the other side of the issue, here's how the nation's largest abortion provider describes the procedure:

Planned Parenthood's description of an abortion

And look at how a site called "ASAPScience" describes it... they forgot to show the Thing being removed from the uterus.  Hmm.  Not very scientific!

What happens during an abortion (without showing the baby, of course)

Oh, and by the way ... the creators of ASAPScience are Planned Parenthood supporters.  Surprised, much?

So, which side is dealing with science, and with facts?

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