Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"I Am Jane Doe": A documentary

Slavery is alive and well, and it's here.

Moms of daughters will be especially grieved to watch the Netflix documentary "I Am Jane Doe."  It chronicles the stories of young girls who wound up in the sex trade, advertised and promoted online... and the moms who found them listed for sale.

Human trafficking is everywhere, and its not just a big-city issue.  Washington State is known as a hotbed of human trafficking.  The Washington State Attorney General's Office website goes into detail about how our location and industry lends itself to the practice of slave trading--whether into agriculture or into the sex industry.  

The documentary focuses on the way an online classified ad business,, assists pimps in running their businesses; and also how our existing federal laws aid them.   But the slave trade exists in businesses all around us.  I wonder how many of these businesses we drive by, or even patronize, without realizing the truth?  Read about the signs of human trafficking here, and here.  Also check out Shared Hope International, for more information.

"I Am Jane Doe" is tough to watch.  It will make you angry.  It might make you lobby for a law change that closes the loophole allowing online marketers to assist the creeps who exploit children--or anyone--in the sex trade.

But mostly, I hope it will make you aware.  Watch over your daughters, but also be on the alert for people in your community who are part of the modern-day slave trade.

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