Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The most unsafe place for pregnant women?

A pregnant woman entering a Planned Parenthood clinic is not likely to carry her baby to term.  That sounds pretty harsh, doesn't it?

Yet it's based on these numbers from Planned Parenthood Federation's own 2009 statistics released in February 2011:
  • total number of abortions performed nationally, added to total prenatal patients, and total adoption referral patients combined: 340,276
  • 97.6 percent of that number were abortion procedures (332,278)
  • about two percent of the total were listed as prenatal patients (7,021)
  • and a tiny fraction (way less than one percent) received adoption referrals (977).

Does this make anyone a little uncomfortable?

This doesn't look like what you'd expect from an organization that makes a lot of noise about being pro-choice.  Looks like the choices are pretty one-sided.

How about when you recall that Planned Parenthood and its advocates are trumpeting the "need" to regulate non-profit pro-life pregnancy centers and the message they are delivering?   It's sounding less and less like their motives have anything to do with protecting women, isn't it?

Sounds to me like they could be trying to limit the information women can access.

Sounds to me like they may want to funnel as many women into their doors as possible.

Sounds to me like they could want full control over a woman's choices.

Sounds like women might be safer choosing to go somewhere else when they're pregnant.

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