Thursday, March 3, 2011 ads coming to Seattle area

Here's a great website to help women make informed choices about their pregnancies, and the options available to them:

Starting this week, the national nonprofit Vitae Foundation is sponsoring two, four-week advertising campaigns in Seattle to promote    Ads are going to appear on billboards, buses, and light rail.  

"Women need to know they have several positive options when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy," said Carl Landwehr, Vitae's President.  

He said the website will also promote local pro-life pregnancy centers, such as those under attack in the Washington State Legislature.  "We're thrilled we can play a role in letting women know that pregnancy centers are credible, safe environments where they can get the information they need."

This is empowering information.  Check out the website and see for yourself.


  1. This company totally attempts to deceive women with their billboards, website and marketing and push an anti-abortion agenda through deceptive advertising. They are a front for the Religious Right.

  2. Anonymous, I'm not sure what you mean about deception, and I don't see a problem with this group. But I do sense, from your "Religious Right" comment, that you have perhaps only heard the one side of the story.

    I'm the type of gal who likes to have lots of information when making a decision, especially about my health. What's wrong with having more information about options, helps, and even what is going on with my body or the baby growing inside of it?

    Statistics show that many women "choose" abortion because they feel they have no options, and/or they are being pressured (both financially, and personally--by boyfriend, spouse, parents, friends). The info's from Planned Parenthood's own research, by the way.

    That's why I appreciate the messages and mission of Women need to be empowered and informed, especially when their decisions impact whether the children they're carrying will live or die.

    So please don't have a knee-jerk negative reaction to the anti-abortion message. I appreciate you posting, and I hope you'll keep an open mind.


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