Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pro-Abortion terrorist nabbed by FBI

You don't hear a lot about pro-abortion terrorism.  Sounds naive, I know, but I've just assumed that the pro-abortionists do most of their attacking in the courtroom, in legislative offices, and in the sympathetic press.  They leave the terrorism stuff to misguided pro-lifers who take the law into their own hands.

Turns out there are acts of pro-abortion terrorism, and folks who promote and carry out violence against pro-lifers.  Some of those receiving threats are here, in Washington State.

I read this story at the Abortion in Washington site, based on a report posted February 26 (2 days ago) on AOL's Politics Daily:

Pro-Choice Extremist Reportedly Arrested by FBI for Threats to Pro-Life Activists

The story is about Theodore Shulman, 49, who has been making threats against pro-life people for years.  I visited a blog operated by a Theodore Shulman, and it does spout a lot of hate speech, and advocates violence against pro-lifers. 

Apparently Shulman trolls the internet looking for pro-life bloggers, and then posts threatening comments or makes threatening phone calls.  For example, check out what he's done to Abortion in Washington bloggers, as reported on their site: Abortion In Washington: Pro-Abortion Terrorist Who Threatened AIW (Abortion in Washington) Nabbed by FBI.  Google and you'll find other examples.

Creepy stuff.  But I wondered if the arrest was a true story; after all, this was the first I'd heard about it, and the story is two days old.   

So I searched the web to see what other mainstream media outlets are carrying this (even Fox News).  I didn't find any mention of it, except for the AOL story, and a lot of pro-life newsies and bloggers repeating it.

So I checked the Federal Bureau of Prisons website and found that there is an inmate named Theodore Shulman, 49 (federal inmate register number 64781-054) in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. The facility houses pre-trial and holdover inmates.  No other details were available.

This matters because I'm still concerned that free speech isn't so free when you're talking about pro-life issues.  I'm concerned that the media seems to be ignoring a story that is interesting, alarming, and definitely newsworthy.

Let's keep an eye on this one.

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