Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Back (sort of)

I have new respect for Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin and the like.  This includes any "power moms" out there who have a mission, a calling from outside the home, trying to balance it with the needs of a large family and whatever life challenges drop onto one side of the scale at any given moment.

Let's just say that my Mom's move to a nearby assisted living apartment has been a blessing, but a challenge as well.  Add to that homeschooling; add to the mix a precocious preschooler; add my oldest son, getting ready to leave for college in the summer; add to that two teen boys with active and varied schedules; add to all of those things, the daily house frau stuff; and add on a desire to get back to writing, when time allows.

But guess what?  This is one of those "when time allows" moments.  I'm back.

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  1. Missed your voice, Ramona. Welcome back! Been dealing with some 'mom' stuff myself. Now I am adjusting to being back at home again since my job ended. I should be rejoicing for more time to write but there's this little thing called a paycheck... and social interaction outside of facebook..... ah well.... life is still good!!


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