Saturday, February 5, 2011

Budget Cuts that Make Cents

A friend shared this video, made by a college student in 2009 following President Barack Obama's announcement that he intended to cut $100 million from the federal budget.

That sounded like a lot of money. 

But look at how the videographer "makes cents" out of the numbers, and how small those cuts really are, in this video.

We're stacking up quite a few pennies in Washington State, too, with no way to cover the promises and obligations those pennies represent.

The State Senate announced Thursday it is pushing for $254 million in cuts to the budget.  This is $30 million more in cuts than those included in the House budget.  These sound like really big, effective numbers, don't they? 

But it's not enough!  Even if all those cuts happened, Washington still faces a $200 million shortfall over the next two-year budget cycle, according to the Washington State Budget and Policy Center.

Please contact your legislators and let them know that you support making MORE cuts to the budget.  They need all the encouragement we can give them.  We must make more cuts, but they'll be tempted to pull back on the little they've done.

The Senate will take action in the next few days.  Contact your legislators now! 
For other good ideas on how to take action, see The Freedom Foundation website, especially their State budget page.

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