Friday, February 11, 2011

Pregnancy Center Bill: Committee Votes to Push it Forward

According to the Washington State Wire, the State House Health Care & Wellness Committee passed the bill attacking pregnancy centers (HB 1366).  The article does not give a tally of votes, but it's expected that the Democratic majority was in full support of the bill.  More details should be available tomorrow.

In the meantime, read the Washington State Wire report, posted February 10, for details.

According to the article, the bill now goes before the House Rules Committee, and then perhaps to a vote of the full House.

House Bill 1366 was introduced at the same time as Senate Bill 5274, a similar bill.  No word yet on what is happening to the Senate's version.

Both bills seek to place nit-picky requirements on pro-life pregnancy centers and stiff fines for any violations.  The bill also sets out to force these agencies to disclose to women that the centers do not provide abortions, even though most of them already advertise in the yellow pages under "Abortion Alternatives."  Basically, they are aimed at shutting down the centers by restricting their free speech, and causing them to operate under fear of fines and legal fees.

For more details, read my Pregnancy Center Bills information page.

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