Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pregnancy Center Bill May Forwarded by House Committee Today

I highly recommend the two most recent posts on Abortion in Washington, a blog that tracks the attempts of the pro-abortion lobby to shut down non-profits with a pro-life message.

According to the posts, State Rep. Eileen Cody, D-Seattle, is planning to put the bill up for a vote in an executive session today in the House Health Care & Wellness Committee.  An executive session means the meeting is closed to public input, although the public may attend the session. The Committee's website says the matter may be discussed, along with other bills, but does not provide any revised version of the bill or guarantee that action will be taken.

Note:  This is different from the "executive session" some of us are used to dealing with.  Local government meetings, including city and county councils and their subcommittees, can only declare an executive session in certain circumstances.  The session is closed to the public altogether.  However, they have to advertise what they will be discussing, and cite a reason for closing the meeting (pending litigation, financial negotiations, and the like).  They cannot take action within the executive session, but have to move into a public meeting to take a public vote.

I've been told Rep. Cody is an ardent supporter of the bill, as are other Democrats on the committee.  State Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax, confirmed this in a reply to an email I wrote opposing HB 1366.   He said, "... the Chair, Rep. Eileen Cody told me that this bill is a priority this session for the majority party.  I do believe they will try to pass it out of committee."

The message for those of you who agree that this bill is a very bad idea:  Get on the phone, write emails, and make your voice heard by contacting Committee members.  

By the way, the fact that the majority party (Democrats) is so excited about passing this bill reaffirms my decision to leave the Democratic Party several years ago.  Their lock-step, adoring-at-all-costs worship of the religion of abortion rights doesn't leave any room for dissent or reasoned arguments.  If you're still clinging to some left-over, stars-in-your-eyes ideal of what the Democratic Party stands for, maybe it's time to rethink your position.

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