Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rally in Olympia to Support Wisc. Gov. Walker

Do you stand with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on the issue of making tough cuts to state spending?

Then you'll want to attend the Justice for Taxpayers Rally at 11 a.m. Saturday, February 26, in Olympia.  The Freedom Foundation provided these details: is also trying to sponsor a counter-protest at the Capitol on Saturday. We need people to show up and show their support for Gov. Walker, balanced budgets, and ending union monopolies. Please join us!!!
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WA 4 WI – Justice for Taxpayers Rally
Olympia Capitol – North Steps
Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 11am
Washington shares the same public sector union problem as Wisconsin. We agree with the stand that Gov. Scott Walker is taking and want to see similar reforms take place here in Washington. Our budget is in a comparable place—state pensions and union collective bargaining have got a stranglehold on our taxpayers.

Ending union monopolies is a conversation that we should be having here in our state and there are other proposals that would shift the balance of power back where it belongs—into taxpayers’ hands.

Talking Points:
• This rally is not an attack on the individual public employees who are our friends, neighbors and fellow taxpayers. It is about the unhealthy relationship between union leaders and state lawmakers that is forcing our state into bankruptcy.

• We condemn the labor policies where the State has given unbalanced power to one special interest group.

• We need to see courageous leadership regarding this issue from our elected officials now, before the situation becomes much worse and there is a meltdown similar to what is currently taking place in Wisconsin.

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If you need the back story about what's going on in Wisconsin:
Polls show that a majority of people stand with Gov. Walker; if that is true in Washington State, there should be a good turnout to prove it.

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