Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Challenge for You!

To start the week, I'm issuing a challenge to any of you who have never contacted an elected official before:

Do it today! 

We'll stay focused on issues at the State level for now.

Find out who represents you by clicking here.

Each official will have an individual webpage link; go to it.  Read what they think is important, and then send them a message either saying, "Good job! Thank you for serving," or "I don't agree with what you said about this, and here's why."  

I know this is very basic.  But some of you have been sitting on the sidelines, quietly outraged by what is going on in our government.  It's time that you get used to making your feelings known.  You are going to need this skill if you are going to make a difference!
Elected officials are just folks who have lives, opinions and basic needs, just like anyone else.  Too often they only hear from a few people with special interests.  They need to hear from real people like you and me.  This will accomplish two things:

  • Your elected representatives will know that you either like what they're doing, or that you think they need to change course; and
  • You will know if they are someone you can work with, and trust to represent your interests.

You will soon see which ones send a courteous reply, which ones will ignore you, and which ones will be snarky and disrespectful.  This is all useful information, either for when you contact them again, or for when you decide to help whoever runs against them in a coming election!

So get started today.  And then please, post about it in the "comments" section.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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