Monday, February 21, 2011

Economics and Free Ice Cream

On one level we're all experts on the economy, aren't we?  We know when it's going well (when we're comfortable) and we definitely know when it's going sour.

Government has lots of ideas to fix the economy: raise taxes, cut taxes; spend more money, save more money; raise interest rates, lower interest rates; support more social welfare, trim the welfare rolls; throw more money at education, cut the education budget. 

With so many conflicting ideas out there, how do you know which to support?

By getting savvy about economics, of course!

Enter the Freedom Foundation's Talk Back on Economics series.  

  • It's free.  
  • It's available online.  
  • And any economics course that uses free ice cream and clips from the cult classic movie "Dr. Strangelove" automatically gets my attention.  

Take a look at the most recent installment, "What Really Works."  The 3-1/2 minutes you spend will be worth it!

Other videos in the series, each 3 to 5 minutes long, can be found by scrolling down the page at the Freedom Foundation's website.    

Get informed now!  You'll need this information in the days and months ahead, as our elected officials try to solve our state and national budget problems.  They need feedback from savvy citizens to help make the right decisions. 

Don't let elected officials in the "free ice cream" group gain any more ground!

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