Sunday, February 20, 2011

UPDATED: Push Back on Pregnancy Center Bill Now!

New info as of 2/21:  Mea culpa, my friends!  I relied on an email to write this post, and it seems we were both dealing with old news.  But I couldn't be happier about this particular mistake! 
The Senate pulled the bill Thursday night, which is wonderful news signaling that they didn't have the votes to carry it through.  No formal statement from Sen. Kaiser, the chair; but you can read details at  In the meantime, you still need to write to your legislators, and letters to the editor, to stop the House version of the bill going any further... AND to turn the light of regulatory scrutiny back on Planned Parenthood.  

The bill attacking pregnancy centers (SB 5274) will be discussed at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow (Monday, February 21) in executive session of the Washington State Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee Committee.

No public testimony will be taken, but you can make an impact by:

  • attending the committee meeting, in the Senate Hearing Room #4, J.A. Cherborg Building, Olympia;

We also need to write letters to the editor.  I am doing that right now (I may send a modified version of one of my blog posts), and you can do it, too.   Newspapers want to hear your own personal thoughts on these issues. Remember these five tips when writing letters to the editor:
  • Speaking from your heart is powerful.
  • Be respectful.
  • Keep to the facts. Our cause is strong enough; no exaggeration needed.
  • Keep it short.  Editors like shorter letters; so do readers!
  • After you email your letter to the editor, follow up with a phone call to see when it will be published. 

The Bellingham Herald, The Lynden Tribune, The Ferndale Record, the Everett Herald, and The Seattle Times accept letters via snail mail or email on their websites.

I'll keep you posted as details emerge.  I'd like to hear from you, if you make contact.  Let's encourage each other!

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