Sunday, February 27, 2011

Real threat to democracy in Wisconsin

Here is a good article about one of the implications of the mess in Wisconsin:

The real threat to democracy in Wisconsin - The Week

Did you ever get disgusted with the kid who took his toys and went home when he didn't get his way? I'm just sayin'.


  1. Best comment from the media I've heard so far came from Geraldo Rivera (of all places). He said that if the 14 democrats really were committed, they'd be outside the capital building with the protesters. If, for some reason, they ended up in jail they would become heroes for their cause. But hiding in Illinois, they're just cowards.

  2. Great insight from Geraldo (of all places). And I agree with you completely that the dems-in-hiding are cowards. The problem is, if they were willing to run away in the first place, they're probably not the types who will feel any remorse or shame over what they're doing. I wonder how long this will continue?


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